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So. It’s mid February, my favorite kind of snow is falling serenely down from the sky and I finally have a moment to pause and reflect on what’s happened this year so far.
“Intense” is the likely the most relevant word to describe what has transpired already in 2013.

The story goes:

I went to Panama for New Years on a surprise trip from Andrew and Nick (love you guys) and spent it on an island with 30 amazing movers and shakers who are officially friends for life (#yomfy).

The day I came back from Panama, I turned around and headed to China to visit our manufacturing partners for my latest social enterprise called THINX (shethinx.com - check it out and please support the project!) and while I was there, I participated in a unique Chinese tea ceremony that gave me clarity on a few very important business decisions.

The day I arrived from China, I restructured my entire staff at the restaurant and finally was able to start anew, clean slate and I brought on an amazing hospitality branding consultant (Zach, you are my hero) to help take the restaurant to the next level. We are even soon changing the name to Wild (so that we can really embody farm-to-table) and we are completely redoing the menu which is so exciting!

We hired a new chef and a whole new back of house team, and a fantastic seasoned new front of house team that is now being properly trained to talk about our food and drinks in the way they deserve to be talked about (we use the very best ingredients and our guests need to know this!)

We are still ironing out the kinks but I feel great about the progress. 

I am so grateful to have amazing people around me who have supported me through this transition.

In other news, my book manuscript is officially complete! I finally submitted 298 pages plus Tony Hsieh’s foreword (he’s the CEO of Zappos!) to Harper Collins and they were thrilled! Book should be on the shelves in mid June, assuming no meteor hits New York.

Also, our THINX Kickstarter campaign is also really coming along so please check it out and support the campaign! We need all the help we could get! www.shethinx.com (make sure you watch both videos!)

So much going on and so much to be thankful for. Thanks for reading.


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